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Before you place the order

To know if GoodWay is compatible with your operating system, download and try the “Evaluation” version.

GoodWay is only available by Internet download. No version can be sent by post.

This purchase allows you to receive all the updates for GoodWay version 4.x.x

The GoodWay Plugin does not run on XPlane v6. If you are using XPlane v6, you cannot use GoodWay Plugin.

Please, read the License Agreement

MACINTOSH – WINDOWS – LINUX: I accept the contract and I wish to order now

Note: if you have purchased a V4 licence after  the 1rst of September 2012, you will automatically receive a Licence for GoodWay on Board v5 as soon as it is available.

Current version is 4.2.0
Runs on Windows, MacOS and Linux
Compatible with X-Plane 624 to 970
V5 coming soon …
GoodWay V5 will be compatible with
X-Plane 10.x.x .... and 9.7.0