Download Evaluation Version

The evaluation version is (nearly) fully functionnal; it allows you to check if GoodWay is compatible with your environment.

Once you have tried GoodWay, you can purchase a license to unlock the remaining features.


Download GoodWay 4.2.0 for Windows

Download GoodWay 4.2.0 for MacOS

Download GoodWay 4.2.1 for MacOS (Snow Leopard and later)

Download GoodWay 4.2.0 for Linux


Download the documentation


Thanks for using GoodWay …


Current version is 4.2.0
Runs on Windows, MacOS and Linux
Compatible with X-Plane 624 to 970
V5 coming soon …
GoodWay V5 will be compatible with
X-Plane 10.x.x .... and 9.7.0