Stef’s interview on (part 1)

Stef, the creator of GoodWay, has answered a few questions to (the French X-Plane community forum).

Here is the translation of the first par of the interview.


As Stéphane has become rare on forums, I asked him if he’d care answering a few questions about him and the future of GoodWay.
He answered yes to my request and here is the result of last week’s interview.

Hello Stéphane. You are the author of the unavoidable program running on X-Plane: GoodWay. Can you introduce yourself for those who don’t know you ?

My name is Stéphane Maurel (45 years old, married, 2 children). I have been developing GoodWay for X-Plane for more than 10 years and I live in Nice (Cote d’Azur, France).
Flying is my passion, I even had real flying lessons a few years ago. Unfortunately, I had to stop because of the cost.
I am a software developer for a living and I’m also an instructor on X-Plane for my children.

I have been a fan of X-Plane since Version 3; I have always been flabbergasted by its beautiful graphics: I find them incredible.
Along with the French community, I’ve been fortunate to be able to help promoting X-Plane and the plugin system: we did that through the development of the DR400 which was the first aircraft with the 3D cockpit and a dashboard partly coded as a plugin.
I also developed XCopilot, XCamera and, of course, GoodWay.

Many members of (and some others too) wonder why we have not heard of you for 2 years ?

There are several reasons.
First of all, there has been some turmoil in my life: changes in my personal life and my working like, changes of home …
All that did not leave me enough time to do everything.
Then the website was constantly hacked and my mailbox was always full of spams … GoodWay program was also hacked and that really depressed me.
I read a lot about myself on the net; some was true, some was false, some was mad, some was funny …
For example, I read that I had lost weight ! I rather think there was a bad picture of me ;-)
I can understand that some flightsimers have been disappointed to see the support going downhill to under average I admit.

Today, you’re coming back to the front of the scene. What is the reason of your return ?

At last, my life has settled down, I got married, had 2 children: I can now dedicate more time to my passion for simflights.
8 months ago, I bought X-Plane 10 and I discovered the visual breakthroughs of this version. It really compelled me to resume flying and programming on X-Plane.
At this time, I made GoodWay compatible, but before I had time to announce the new version … plenty of internal changes in X-Plane … you know, the X-Plane beta syndrom.
So, I had to wait a bit more.
In the meantime, we bought an appartment … with all the work that goes with it ! … so, no time for GoodWay.
In September, things settle down for me and X-Plane becomes stable: it’s time for me to finalize GoodWay Version 5. I hope you will like it.
Today, I’m working on this new version and I have plans for the next ones.

Did you ever think of giving up GoodWay ?

I never asked myself this question.
I like developing GoodWay,trying to make it simpler and better.
The freeware version of GoodWay was downloaded 120.000 times in 2 years.
I may have put it on hold because of changes in my life, but I never thought of giving up.
I have plans for GoodWay beyond version 5, but it all starts with a good organization.



You can use an automatic translator to read the full text here. I’ll translate the rest as soon as I can.

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Current version is 4.2.0
Runs on Windows, MacOS and Linux
Compatible with X-Plane 624 to 970
V5 coming soon …
GoodWay V5 will be compatible with
X-Plane 10.x.x .... and 9.7.0