Introducing the V5 GoodWay plugin

The first goal of GoodWay v5 is to provide flight planning for X-Plane 10 (and X-Plane 9).
Another important goal is integration with this fantastic flight simulator.

This is why this new version comes with 2 parts: the plugin (GoodWay On Board) and the standalone program (GoodWay Alone).

Here is what you will be able to do the plugin:

  • Create flight plans manually.
  • Modify your GoodWay flight plans.
  • Follow your flight live on a map.
  • Display the navigation data from the X-Plane database.
  • Program your Flight Management System (FMS).
  • Submit your flight plan to X-Plane Air Traffic Control.
  • Tune your radios on the navigation frequencies of the flight plan.
  • Submit your flight plan to the XQuawkbox world wide network.

As you can see in the picture, you will mainly use 2 windows: the flight plan displayed as a list and the world air routes map entirely parameterizable.

The GoodWay V5 plugin windows

The plugin comes as a complement of the standalone GoodWay software well known by all X-Plane pilots.
As a reminder, standalone GoodWay software has followed X-Plane evolution since 2001 and runs outside of X-Plane.

You will still need it to perform following tasks:

  • Let GoodWay powerful engine create a flight plan only asking you for the departure and the arrival locations.
  • Check the status of world wide flight simulation networks such as Vatsim or IVAO.
  • Display the weather conditions on the map.
  • Display the Holding Patterns you will need if you are kept waiting before landing.

… More information coming soon …

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Current version is 4.2.0
Runs on Windows, MacOS and Linux
Compatible with X-Plane 624 to 970
V5 coming soon …
GoodWay V5 will be compatible with
X-Plane 10.x.x .... and 9.7.0