GoodWay V5 is coming soon !!!

At the moment, we are working on GoodWay V5; it will be called GoodWay on Board.

We expect to make it available before the end of this year.

As the name suggests, GoodWay on Board will be the first version of GoodWay to be fully integrated in XPlane 9 and 10 and also in standalone mode.

GoodWay V5 will run on Macintosh and Windows (We can’t commit a Linux version yet)

Stay tuned for more information on our brand new site !!!

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Current version is 4.2.0
Runs on Windows, MacOS and Linux
Compatible with X-Plane 624 to 970
V5 coming soon …
GoodWay V5 will be compatible with
X-Plane 10.x.x .... and 9.7.0